Another Matchmaking patch

Yesterday a big update was released to fix several game changes and changes to the matchmaking system. Valve has come out with another patch, to add more changes to the already fixed matchmaking system. Hopefully this new series of updates will bring the silencer back, or GO TV.

Patch Notes:

[ Minor Fixes ]


-All information required to reconnect to a competitive match is now also saved to a file on disk so that disconnected players could reconnect sooner to their ongoing game on the official dedicated game server even before connectivity with matchmaking servers is established.
-Increased grace period for disconnected players to 3 minutes.
-Message that refers to disconnected player now uses player's name rather than the generic term 'player.'
-Fixed the alerts panel not showing alerts consistently
-Made vote panel display whether you voted yes or no as well as flash each choice as people vote
-If a vote is team only (like a 'kick') then the other team will now see that a vote is in progress

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