Area51 CS:GO Final Roster

       Both of the new additions to the A51 family have the hunger to achieve and add something to the team. These pickups will farther assist Area 51’s rise to greatness in the NA scene. They are both young talents with raw aim and amazing game sense and will make the roster complete.

      Nitr0 brings his amazing game sense as he has been playing CS 1.6 since he was in diapers, with about 5-6 years of them being in the competitive scene.  In S13 he was a critical member of Mobility Gaming and placed 4th at the ESEA LAN for 1.6.   He is continuously talked about as having the sickest and most unreal aim in the game and is quoted to be even better than cheaters.  He is no longer going to be underestimated and is here to make a name for himself.

     RUSH is going to be a huge asset to the team with his powerhouse fragging. He has been playing FPS games for greater than 10 years, though fairly new to the competitive scene in the last year.  He says that CS is the game for him, as it requires not just his good aim, but using even more to incorporate strategies through teamwork. He is excited to be playing with N0swal again as they played together on Stay Frosty in invite recently. He knows being back together they will do great things for the team. Rush also has experience playing with Nitr0 in the past on ISM and is looking forward joining him on the roster.

       The complete roster to look forward to at LANs and throughout the ESEA season will be: Steno, decipLe, n0swal, RUSH, and Nitr0.


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