Streams Section Added To Website

With it being a new year Area51 Gaming is focused on not only competing at the highest levels in competitive gaming but we are also focused on bringing more community oriented features to our website. Today I am pleased to announce that we have added the first of many community features we plan to roll out starting with a streaming section. The streams section is something both our players and other community members have been asking about for quite some so we figured we would make it a top priority.

The new Streams section will allow both Area51 Gaming players and community members the ability to add either a or stream to their account on  We will be adding additional support for other streaming platforms such as own3d, livestream, and ustream in the near future.

I have went ahead and added a few of the Area51 Gaming members streams to the player section already for everyone to enjoy.

Adding A Stream
We have made adding a stream to your user profile via the or platforms quite simple for everyone. All you need to do is login (or register) to your user account and click the Profile button in the Member Panel. Inside the member panel you will see a Streams section tab that you can click on to enter your stream details. When inside the Steams panel all you need to do is choose the streaming platform you use, the game you currently want to stream, your channel name or id and a description for your stream. Once you have done that simply click submit and your stream will begin the review process and if passed it will be added to the proper stream section. Also you will be able to update both the game currently being streamed as well as the stream description freely but if a channel name or id is changed a stream will need to be re-evaluated before it is added to the proper section.

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