The Best of BlizzCon 2018... So Far

Anaheim hosted the annual BlizzCon event once again and Blizzard fans can rejoice as Blizzard wasn’t short of anything exciting this year. Here are some of the most important announcements I have taken from BlizzCon.


I’ll go ahead start with what I think is the best of the event.

Destiny 2 is free! That is free to own, keep, and raid! Until Nov 18 you can snag a copy of the Bungie flagship game. When you the launch client you will receive a gift notification for a free copy.

Now keep in mind this is all strictly vanilla Destiny 2, no expansions are included. Blizzard goes on to say that this is in honor of Destiny 2’s one year PC anniversary, and I am sure a lot of game pundits could add some extra commentary, but this guy isn’t going to argue with a triple A title that comes free! I look forward to playing this.


I don’t really know what the demand is for wanting a Diablo game on mobile, but Blizzard has catered to that demographic.

Diablo Immortal may not be what some die hard fans are looking for considering the age of Diablo 3, I imagine they will find this mobile game a little redundant. I would also venture to say that the new mobile game is not intended to cater to those fans but rather an effort to shovel in new blood for the Diablo franchise. Only time will tell if it will be effective.

Although I would be the first to tell you I am not a Diablo fanboy, I would venture to say that expanding more titles to a mobile platform is a very wise and exciting choice. The classic isometric hoard slaying game is going to be a great addition to mobile gaming.

The ease of controls seems to be a concern for some people, and it will interesting to see how blizzard intends to approach that in the future. There is no word as of yet on a release date, but nonetheless making more Blizzard games easily accessible is a great move and even bigger news.


If you haven’t got a chance to see the new trailer for Tides of Vengeance, do yourself a favor and go watch it here, don’t worry about little ole me, I can wait.

It was pretty bad ass right? I mean blizzard really does know how to do a game trailer but I tend to have an affinity towards the WoW variety, those are especially entertaining for me.

ToV looks to be more a dark elf centric narrative and a response to the burning of Nordrassil.  

The patch is set to go live on Dec 11. I think it will be safe to say you can expect more WoW announcements as the event wraps up.


This one hits home for me fellas. One of my first games on PC was Warcraft III.

Warcraft III: Reforged is set to release sometime in 2019. Remastered with new character models and shinny assets. The announcement of remastering a game is always something that I find to be perplexing and interesting at the same time. Sort of like how I got suckered into watching all the Hangover movies.


I don’t play a lot of Overwatch these days but I do enjoy keeping up with game news. And the only thing that can compete with a new WoW cinematic is a new OW cinematic.

Here we get another really well rendered dip into OW lore and a new character. Ashe is someone who clearly has a history with, my favorite hero, McCree. Her black laden outfit, is sexy and intimidating. Her rifle will be fun to use and I am interested in seeing just how her ultimate and other hero abilities pan out.

Echo on the other hand I doesn't as much of my attention but the hero does have my interest. Echo reminds me of a slightly more ecentric version of the man-hating robots from I, Robot  and that tends to sway my judgement a lot. She is rather unlike anyother omnics we have seen before but the trailer doesn't tickle my fancy about her like it does Ashe.

I have been a little jaded with some recent OW characters lately but this one seems to be more true to the nature of OW for me, and after inconsistent for the last few hero updates (I am looking at you Wrecking Ball *COUGH COUGH*), this one might just be one I have to check out. 

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