Starcraft 2 Division (Undefeated in Public Clan Wars)

Underground Gaming Pros vs Area 51

Krikara vs. Placid
Map: MLG Shakurass Plateau

Krikara spawns on the bottom right of Shakuras Plateau while Placid spawns top right. Krikara from the beginning does an unconventional build while Placid ops for an economical build. From a spectators point of view it seems that Placid is ahead in all aspects of the game. Krikara's build was an "All-In" but was easily held with great forcefields from Placid causing Krikara to GG out.

Underground Gaming Pros : 1 vs. Area 51 Gaming : 0

Kane vs. Placid
Map: MLG Metalopolis

Kane spawns at the 12 o'clock position while Placid spawns at the 6 o'clock position. Kane goes for the safer build by getting an early pool before his early hatch while Placid goes Nexus first. If Placid takes little to no damage, he will be far ahead. Towards the middle game Placid opts for a timing push after his Voidrays did little to no damage but Kane has made tons of units letting him destroy Placid's first push. He then transitions to Mutalisk, Zergling, and Infestor while expanding all over while delaying Placid from expanding and finally destroying Placid's solid defense.

Underground Gaming Pros : 1 vs. Area 51 Gaming : 1

Kane vs. uGpDuc
Map: MLG Antiga Shipyard

Kane spawns at the 3 o'clock position while Duc spawns at the 9 o'clock position. Both open extremely economical. Duc then goes double gas while adding more barracks while Kane is just droning and getting double upgrades so his Zerglings become super effective. Duc on the other hand is just playing the standard style of Terran going Marine Medivac and slowly adding Tanks. During the mid-game Kane goes for this style of overwhelming Zerglings. He constantly keeps denying the third base of the Terran until Duc is mined out in his main and natural. Throughout the whole game Kane looks to be controlling the tempo of the game. Everyone knows that Kane has won but this game continues for another ten minutes of Duc just loosing army after army. In the end Kane forces Duc to GG out.

Underground Gaming Pros : 1-Area 51 Gaming : 2

Kane vs. uGpV
Map: MLG Shattered Temple

Kane spawns at the 12 o'clock position while V spawns at the 6 o'clock position. Kane goes for an early pool then an expansion into zergling speed while V goes for a one gate expassion. He starts to harass with three stalkers but gets caught out in the middle of the map with zerglings and killing all the stalkers and a sentry while also making the probes to be pulled. During the mid game Kane does a three base push to constantly deny the third base of the Protoss player while catching V's army at the third and destroying it. With the attack of Kane, he forced V to GG out.

Underground Gaming Pros : 1-Area 51 Gaming : 3

Kane vs. uGpEzalB
Map: MLG Tal Darim Altar

Kane spawns at the bottom left while Blaze spawns on the bottom right. Kane does the same build as last game while Blaze does a forge fast expand. During the mid game Blaze tries a two base timing while expanding but sees the army of Kane and backs off. Kane does a really nice job with his zerglings and denies the third over and over again while also killing the power units of Blaze. Kane then sacrifices his useless units for an even strong army and overpowers Blaze forcing him to GG out.

Underground Gaming Pros : 1-Area 51 Gaming : 4

Kane vs. BTNVesper
Map: MLG Daybreak

Kane spawns on the top right while Vesper spawns at the bottom left. Both players go for an economical build. This is where Kane and Vesper's build starts to vary. Kane goes for a faster gas to get speed while Vesper went for a spawning pool first. After the opener both players start to exchange zerglings on Vesper's side of the map. During the calm of the storm both players go for similar builds. Then Lag happens. Vesper lags out and Kane is given the win. A sad way to end the series but funny too.

Underground Gaming Pros : 1-Area 51 Gaming : 5

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