CS 1.6 News

Since lbs and sh0ts have rejoined the 1.6 team we have had an almost perfect record of 14 wins, 1 loss, and 2 ties in esl (because there is no overtime in the esl-invite)

To follow along with our progress I have provided the standings for each league :]

Cevo Main: 12-0

ESL Invite: 2-0-2

ESEA Invite: 0-1

If you would like to watch our games here is our usual schedule when we play matches:

Sundays: match at 11est
Mondays: 8-12 match usually at 10 & 11est
Tuesdays: If we do play we usually only play starting at 11 or later
Wednesday: 8-12 match usually at 10&11est
Thursday: 8-12 match usually at 10&11est

Friday & Saturday: nogo (unless a tournament or playoffs are near)

We are in 3 leagues (to much..lol) and it ends up being about 6 matches a week.

We only have 5 players that have all known each other for upwards of 6 years. The roster is as follows:

Jame^s:     Leader
Lbs:           CoLeader
Luckeyted: Awper (sniper)
Sh0ts:        Fragger
Pinekone:   Fragger

This week we have 6 matches:

vs J1n on de_tuscan TIME: Unconfirmed
vs Gravitas Gaming on de_tuscan TIME: Unconfirmed

vs Blight on de_dust2 - Score 2-15 Loss
vs d1versity on de_train TIME: Monday, Aug 24th @ 9:00pm EST

Cevo Main:
vs Backfire on de_russka - Score: 6-16 Loss
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