ESEA Invite Season 15

Going into ESEA Season 15 of Invite we have 9 amazing teams battling  to see who goes to ESEA Lan to compete for a Huge Prize Pot. These 9 amazing teams are Exertus eSports, MouseSpaz, Momentus, Frost Gaming, Denial, The DestructionBox 9000, RELiABLE Gaming, united 5 and compLexity.



Exertus eSports:  Bloominator, Bouncer, fl0m- , hst, oct, Pinkone, Summit, MaddDoG. After winning ESEA Main in season 14 they are looking strong going into season 15 with their new pick ups of oct, fl0m, summit and hst.
MouseSpaz: Ekard, FNS, Lucky, PYZiiiii, ReltuC, sLip, sobo-iwnl-, and stenooo_Lg. Going in with their 4th season of invite looking strong they might pull through and be the under dogs of these 9 teams.

Momentus: blak, daps, gank, hitmaN, miknutty, nix, snk, STATUTORY_APE. After placeing second in ESEA Main season 14 they are looking to pop some heads and show why they are a strong team and earned their spot in Invite this season.

United 5: fRoD24, moses^A, Storm^A, Warden^A, Xp3. With this line up it is the return of the legends from 1.6 days of counterstrike.

Frost Gaming: clowN, Freakazoid, frozt_, mOE, montE, steel-. After going to Esea Invite Lan for season 14 they picked up some new players including steel- and frozt_. They are looking to Dominate with this new line-up.

Denial: adreN, anger, AZK, Dazed, Skadoodle,smoke stan^. Formally known as Curse they look strong with their new sponser and their new pick up of DaZeD.

compLexity: Hiko, n0thing^G, seangares, Semphis, swag. This is an old 1.6 team that has won a few Invite seasons of 1.6. They have the Chemistry to be the best lets see if they can pull it off!!!!!

The DestructionBox 9000: emode, glorinsz, revsta, RUSH, Slemmy, tman, yayoo-. Another new team to the esea invite scene looking strong with their new pick ups of glorinsz and RUSH.

RELiABLE GAMiNG: arya, flowsick, jmitchell, kiko, Dchozn, mosbeck, snd, tm-_0. Going in with their new pickup of mosbeck they look strong going into this season.

Stay tuned to ESEA Invite Season 15 and see who overcomes all the others and becomes known as Champions of Counter Strike Global Offensive.

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