ESWC 2010 Ace Movie

Area51 Gaming in association with gMcizzLe Films is pleased to announce the release of an ESWC 2010 Ace Movie. The movie features 12 professional players from teams such as Navi, SK Gaming, and mTw. The movie was was directed and produced by Greg McAdams and took roughly three weeks of and on to complete. The movie itself has a run time of 5:27 and is recorded in 720p. Below are some screen shots from the movie.


Below you can find gMcizzle's offical youtube channel along with a steam to watch the ESWC 2010 Ace Movie (dont forget to watch it in 720p)

Steam/Download Information
gMcizzle Youtube: Official Youtube Page
ESWC 2010 Movie: Stream It! will also be providing an official download mirror for the movie that should be up later tonight.

On a side note Greg and gMcizzle Films will be making videos for Area51 Gaming in the near future so keep an eye out for some COTWs and full length videos.
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