SC2 Dominates aoX - Win Streak Grows to 4

After an uphill battle of recruiting and facing the top teams in North America, the SC2 team has really pulled it together and gone on a hot streak, winning 4 straight matches in decisive fashion.  Area51 has outscored opponents 16-1 in the past 4 matches in ESEA, and continues to climb the standings.  With several weeks left and many tough opponents, the SC2 team looks to bear down and finish the season strong going into the playoffs in it's inaugural season of Starcraft.  In addition to ESEA, 51 remains undefeated in clanwars and will be entering a new tournament structure every Sunday, participating in the z33k tournament.  For all info regarding our matches for clanwars, esea, tournaments and the Uploaded vods of our matches/videocasts please refer to the Starcraft 2 forums under the official thread.  In addition, check out for our vods of the most recent matches.  Great job to everyone, and let the winning continue!
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