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 Area51.cs falls to DINC in two close matches and is eliminated from the tournament. Area51.cs has finished in 5th/6th place.

Finally its time to wrap up the eighth season of the ESEA League with
the LAN Finals. The ESEA Lan Finals will feature six teams battling it
out for a piece of the $15,000 prize pot. The six teams facing off at the ESEA Lan finals include Backfire, Evil Geniuses, Ultimax Gaming  USA, DINC, Blight Gaming and our very own Area51.cs. The Counter-Strike 1.6 tournament will be spread across the entire thee day event with live coverage provided by ESEA.

Live Video Stream

Watch live video from ESEA on Final Placings (Season 8 Prize Breakdown)
Counter-Strike 1.6                          Counter-Strike:Source                    Team Fortress 2
1st: Evil Geniuses2                           1st: Dynamic1                               1st: Check-Six
2nd: DiNC                                       2nd: Check-Six                              2nd: eMazing Gaming
3rd: Backfire                                  3rd: Scum Bags                             3rd: compLexity
UMX Gaming                           4th: Lions Crew                             4th: Blight
Area51 Gaming
1 Dynamic has won their 5th straight ESEA-Intivte title.
2 EG has won their 4th straight ESEA-Invite title and six titles overall.

Match Scores

Lower Bracket; Round 2
Area51 vs. DINC - de_inferno 14-16
Area51 vs. DINC - de_nuke 13-16

Upper Bracket: Round 2
Area51 vs. Backfire - de_dust2: 14-16
Area51 vs. Backfire - de_inferno: 16-11
Area51 vs. Backfire - de_lite: 14-16

Upper Bracket: Round 1
Area51 vs. Blight - de_train:16-13
Area51 vs. Blight - de_tuscan: 16-11

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