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Latest Update
All 3 members of Area51 have won their groups and moved on to the Open Bracket BO3 Series.

Today marks the start of the DC Lan #7 featuring Starcraft 2 at the Netolic PC Zone in Annandale Virgina. The event itself will feature an Open tournament as well as a Diamond and below tournament that will be casted by Nanman from LXG. Area51 Gaming will have three of our starcraft players at the event competing Mind, Strength and Focus.

Currently the Open tournament has 35 participants while the Diamond and below tournament has 22 participants.

Open Bracket Results
Round 1
ccStrength vs. dondo 2:0
icGMind vs. FakePromise 2:0
cDgFocus vs. nesvintage 2:0

Round 2
ccStrength vs NrGLuckyFool 0:2
cDgFocus vs vGAnfield 2:0
icGMind vs LgNAvilo 0:2

Round 3 (Semis)
cDgFocus vs Alkreth 0:2

3rd Place Consolation
cDgFocus vs NrGLuckyfool 2:1

Round Robin Results
ccStrength 3:0 NESVintage, Physics, HookTits
icGMind 3:0 HoneyBaddger, IXCMaestrO, Maticus
cDgFocus 4:0 DocFletchLXG, Dondo, Doomville, SacredSystem

Tournament Information (Information Thread)
Prize Payout: To be determined
Format: The main tournament will be our usual format: Everyone starts out in a group - games are BO1 and top two players* advance into a single elimination bracket consisting of BO3 - semifinals and finals will be BO5.

The Diamond Tournament will be a double elimination bracket**, BO3 all the way through, winner's bracket finals and the grand finals (winners bracket winner vs losers bracket winner) will be a BO5. All losers bracket games will be BO3. No extended series rule.

Map Pool: MLG Antiga Shipyard, MLG Dual Sight, MLG Metalopolis, MLG Shakuras Plateau, MLG Shattered Temple,  MLG Tal'Darim Altar, MLG Xel'Naga Caverns
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