We need your help

When Battlefield 3 was being produced we were all promised features, as well as community input driving features. We've all asked for battle recorder, or some type of spectator mode for the game, we have yet to see that. Modern Warfare 3 was pushed out with LAN support, DICE says if the community wants it, they'll get it. Here is our chance to ask DICE for the features we want. So far 18 replies to this post aren't going to fuel the needed changes we want to see implemented in the game. We ask that everyone posts and shares a link provided below to get everyone's word in edge wise. As far as we can tell this website was setup by DICE to allow input from its members. Please, again, post and get your word in. Lets see if DICE is willing to stand by their word and give the community what it wants.

Get Satisfaction: http://getsatisfaction.com/battlefield3/topics/please_add_spectator_mode_and_battle_recorder_competitive_gaming_request

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