Area 51 vs Team aiR

Today on Area 51's 10 Year Anniversary we decided to hold a Team War with a currently undefeated team. We beat them prior to their recent pickups of top quality players and we wanted to show ourselves that it was not a fluke. This match started with the managers talking and deciding the date of this Team War 3 WEEKS in advance and my those were a long 3 WEEKS! It gave us enough time to put forth the best possible line-up that we could. We prepared for this knowing that it would be put up on the famous TeamLiquid.Net Site. We did not want to falter while our team was under the spotlight so we practiced hard and trained for this match and in the end we prevailed.

We took out Team aiR's main line-up by knowing our players. We knew our weaknesses and strengths and played to them. This was a team effort. We all did our best and for that we thank each other and the great organization that we are under.

Here were the scores: Team aiR vs Area51 Gaming

 Game 1: aiR.SirRobin vs A51ccStrength on GSL Bel'shir Beach Winter
Game 2: aiR.Pride vs A51ccStrength on MLG Shakuras Plateau
Game 3: aiR.Pride vs A51Mind on GSL Daybreak
Game 4: aiR.FrOsTy vs A51Mind on GSL Antiga Shipyard
Game 5: aiR.Drunkenboi vs A51Mind on MLG Metalopolis
Game 6: aiR.Drunkenboi vs A51Kane on MLG Dual Sight
Game 7: aiR.Aurora vs A51Kane on MLG Tal'Darim Altar

Team aiR 2 - 5 Area 51 Gaming

Here is the thread:

Here are the VODS:
Casted by: envyFlatline (A Team Player/Co-Manager), Snail(A Team Player), StriszLe(B Team Captain)

Please show your thanks to them for casting these games and making it enjoyable for everyone!
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