Area51.TF2 Finishes Regular Season Perfect

The Area51 Gaming Team Fortress 2 team has had a phenomenal regular season bolstering a perfect 16-0 record and securing themselves the number one seed going into playoffs. Area51.tf2 won an impressive 72 rounds and only lost 14 rounds round throughout the regular season which is is the best Round For/Rounds Against record of any team in all of ESEA for Team Fortress 2.

The two closest and toughest matches of the season came against Six Guys Off and iDemise both ending with a nail biting 5-4 score in favor of Area51.tf2. The first close match was during week five on cp_badlands against Six Guys Off. The first half would go in favor of Six Guys Off with a score of 3-2. The second half would end up sealing the victory for Area51.tf2 as they locked up the half with a 3-1 score winning the match. The teams other true test of the regular season came in week eight versus iDemise on cp_gullywash. The match would start with Area51.tf2 securing themselves the first half score with a 3-2 lead over iDemise. The second half showed iDemise trying to claw their way back with a 2-2 score finally sealing the deal for Area51.tf2 and keeping their perfect record streak alive.

I got a chance to sit down with team captain tragic and ask him a few questions.

How do you feel the regular season went as a whole for you guys ? Were their any surprises that caught you guys off guard?
The regular season went great, it exceeded my expectations. At the beginning of the season I just saw us being a top3 team not being #1 with a 16-0 record. The biggest thing that caught us off guard and a bit out of our game was soup not being able to play for a couple weeks and matches. Having to find a temporary replacement to fill his shoes was a pretty tough one but solidsnake played well. Match wise I'd say against six guys off, we were so close to not beating six guys off but we managed to pull it together and pull off a win.

With their being about a two week break between the end of regular season and playoffs are you guys planning on practicing or taking someone of a causal break and recuperating?
We're going to be practicing as normal with probably more sleeping time since we don't have matches to worry about.

Considering you guys were extremely successful during the regular season will you be changing up the practice schedule at all to prepare for the playoffs?
Schedule will probably go back to how it was on the regular season doing Sunday - Thursday starting around 9PM EST. and we'll probably start a bit earlier a couple days for demo reviews and going over the maps that we haven't played in weeks from early on in the season.

With your closes matches of the season being against iDemise and Six Guys Off are you looking forward to hopefully playing them again in the Playoffs?
It will be fun to play against both teams again since they were really close matches but we're looking forward to playing iDemise again since it was such an intense and fun match.

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