Area51 Squares off against top NA Teams in ISTL

Press Release from iMp website:

Indie StarCraft Team League Showcases Rising eSports Talent
Tournament hosted by iMpulse eSports, Relentless Heroes brings together eight teams in a six week online challenge.
After watching the StarCraft 2 stars of today at Major League Gaming's Winter Championship this weekend, check out the future stars of tomorrow in iMpulse eSports' Indie StarCraft Team League.
On Tuesday, March 26 at 8 p.m. the Indie StarCraft Team League will begin its first season as eight teams battle for $100 in prizes and bragging rights to be one of StarCraft 2's top trending clans.
iMpulse eSports (iMp) has invited Relentless Heroes (RH), Team Nightmares (NMxTeam), Clan Overdose (OD), Future Talent Art Control Team (FTaCT), Team aIR (aiR), Multitude Gaming (MxG) and Area 51 (Area) for the league's first campaign.
"The StarCraft 2 community is extremely large and still growing. Currently there are a small number of pro teams that everyone likes to follow, however there is at the same time a large number or semi-pro teams with some great talent trying to make it to the next level," iMp Owner Ed Grubb said. "ISTL looks to promote these teams and take a deeper look into the players and the mangers behind the teams."
Matches will be casted on iMpulse eSports' streams ( and on Tuesdays and Thursdays for the next six weeks and will begin at 8 p.m. on competition nights.
Tuesday nights will feature the teams from Pool A which includes iMpulse, Area 51, Clan Overdose and Future Talent Art Control. On Thursday Pool B will do battle with Team Nightmares, Multitude Gaming, Relentless Heroes and Team aiR filling in the second group.
Games will be played in a best-of-seven, King of the Hill style with the losing team picking a new player and map after a loss. Upon completion of the group stage, the top two teams from each group will advance to a double elimination finals bracket.
Adding to the "indie" flavor of the tournament is a group of young casters looking to make a name for themselves just like the players they'll be commentating for.
In the mix to lend their voices to the ISTL are Relentless Heroes' Pyronia and iMpulse's Joker along with many other fledging casters.
"We organized the event in part with Relentless Heroes so viewers will be seeing casters from both RH and iMp. The main caster coming out of RH is going to be Pyronia. She is an amazing caster with a great voice that I know all the guys out there love," Grubb said. "From iMp we will be looking for Joker to hold it down. Joker has always had a great talent for casting and a great sense of humor that fans enjoy. We will also be giving countless other casters a chance too. We want ISTL to be all about up-and-comers in all areas of the SC2 scene." 
For further information on the Indie StarCraft Team League, please visit for full rosters, map pool details, tournament rules, information about participating teams and more.
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