Area51 Gaming Announces CS:GO Team

Today, Area51 Gaming is proud to announce an addition to our organization, our new Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) team! They are:


You can find them on ESEA by going here!

Here's a interview with our new team captain, Sam "DaZeD" Marine, some of you may already know and recognize him from the Counter-Strike: Source (CS:S) professional team Fully Torqued and as well as a instructor on ESEA and co-founder of Netcode Illuminati.

Area51: Hi Sam! Thanks for allowing me to interview you today, please introduce yourself to those who may not know you.

DaZeD: My name is Sam Marine, aka DaZeD, and most people know me from playing with my old source team, fully torqued, and with the many roster's that me and chewbacca had. I'm also known for running my website, where I teach players how to play correct cs.

Area51: What made you start a CS:GO team?

DaZeD: I started a CS:GO team because I knew it was the future, and I wasn't sure if my source team (Fully Torqued) would continue to play together in CS:GO.

Area51: Tell me how did you guys start as a team

DaZeD: The team formed because I needed players to play on my ESEA roster for the first season of CS:GO. I contacted Jame^s and since i was busy with source, he basically built a roster of players, and we only played match nights. James, PineKone, hiko, moe, and Myself were the roster. Unfortunately James and moe couldn't continue to play due to real life obligations, so we recruited semphis and seangares to fill out the 4th and 5th spots. So here we are.

Area51: You mentioned that you guys mainly played on match day, yet you achieved a record of 11-5 in the regular season then go undefeated in playoffs. What do you think attributed to those statistics, despite having a very limited schedule? How did you manage to still pull off wins?

DaZeD: We only played on match days yes, but Jame^s spent many hours in a server by himself and found really good flashes, smokes, and things like that. He'd then show us what he found and what he wanted us to do, so we actually ended up being pretty well prepared. We had a huge disadvantage in hours played, but we made up for that with our playstyle. Moe, and Myself aggressively awped everything and we all kind of made every match just a battle of skill, rather than a battle of who's played the most hours.

Area51: With winning Open of ESEA Season 11, you guys are automatically in for the Invite division for ESEA Season 12, what is your outlook on this coming season?

DaZeD: It'll be interesting to see what happens this season, I really am not sure what to expect with it being a new game. I'm just going to try and get everyone playing and constantly trying to improve and doing the best we can to win, I mean that's really all I can ask for, I think.

Area51: Another outcome of the teams win, comes in form of a invitational to the ESWC tournament at PAX Prime, did you guys expect something like this?

DaZeD: We didn't expect a direct invitation like that, no. But obviously we are very excited to be able to compete in the top four and have a chance for the stipend to Paris

Area51: Another invited team is Team Dynamic, a formidable opponent in CS:S, would you see them as a threat?

DaZeD: Yeah, they're a really good team, but I'm not just looking at Dynamic only. With it being a new game, everyone is going to be going hard and playing 24/7, I really have no idea who the top teams are going to be. I mean the best team for CS:GO might be in open and not even invite.

Area51: Thank you very much for your time Sam, are there any final words you would like to say?

DaZeD: Sure, thanks to Area51 for giving us the chance by supporting us, thank you to all of Area51's sponsors SteelSeriesGigabyte, Killer, EOReality, and Hurricane Host.

DaZeD has done a video blog on CS:GO pertaining his thoughts and concerns for CS:GO you should go and see it, it's just here below

Here are a couple words from one the heads of Area51!

"Area51 Gaming is glad to welcome some familiar and new faces to our CS:GO division, which we believe is a logical step in the right direction. Valve has shown they're willing to support the game and the community by fixing bugs and updating maps into the game based on input from the community. CS:GO will be a title that continues the legacy built from the original Counter-Strike. Our guys are looking forward to attending and competing in ESWC being one of a few teams that were invited to the event, we feel it is a great honor and we want to bring our A game.  Area51 Gaming wants to get out of the gates quickly with CS:GO and become a powerhouse contender. We look forward to competing in the great tournaments with all the top teams." - Nick "Ares" Sowers Chief Operations Officer        

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