CSS Team off to a strong start in Invite!

The CSS team had their debut match in the invite division this past Tuesday against Frag Machines. After winning main the season before, and placing in the money at ETS lan in Montreal, the team was prepared to start strong.  The first map of the season was de_nuke.  A heavily CT sided map, that unfortunately 51 had to start T side on.  After losing the pistol, 51 knew that the first gun round was key to setting the tone for the rest of the match.  51 got some key frags, and took the first gun round and 4 more before ending the half down 10-5.  On CT side, 51 kept focus and hit their shots to essentially shut-out their opponents 11-1 to finish the match with a convincing score of 16-11.  See recent matches for the scores as well as our media section for the demo link.

Following the victory, the team was anxious to start off the season with a perfect 2-0 week and began to prepare for the next nuke match.  The following day, it came to everyones attention that the team 51 was supposed to play, SP, had already died.  This gives 51 a forfeit win, and ensures the perfect 2-0 week.  

Stay tuned to www.area51gaming.com for upcoming matches, sourcetvs, blogs, and feel free to ask the css team anything you want in our forums!
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