CSS Team wins IM undefeated, needs your help to make Invite!

Yes, the counter-strike source team has done it again.  After an undefeated season, our source team was able to cruise through the upper bracket straight to the grand finals.  Although we lost one map in the grand finals, we were able to close out on the second map de_nuke.  After a great season, with yet another Area 51 Gaming css league title, our humble team has been included in the CSS Invite poll.   Here is where we need our community to really help us out.  Just hours into the poll, we are already falling behind and can use all the votes we can get.  Anyone who has an esea premium account who feels Area 51 Gaming deserves to be a name in CSS Invite once more should head over to the esea site and vote for our team!  We know we can make a great showing in invite, and bring a few things to the table that these teams just won't be able to handle.  

Please help our CS:S team make ESEA-Invite Season 10 by following the link below and showing your support!

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