Area51 CS:GO ESEA Season 12 Week 1: Prediction!

Hello everyone! With week 1 of ESEA's Season 12 of CS:GO only a day away. Welcome to the first of many prediction articles to come. This is what you should expect from us at Area51, easy to read articles, including predictions, line-ups, along with in-depth analysis of the opponents, and a over look of the maps! Also later on previous map score will be added in as a reminder of the history between the teams in the season.

Tomorrow, Area51 will be playing Team Dynamic in what will be an exciting match up, as the Counter-Strike:Source (CS:S) behemoths divulge into CS:GO.

Team Dynamic has a long history and many countless Source tournaments under their belt. This season, Dynamic is choosing to take advantage of ESEA's new team multi-game rule, and participate in both CS:S and CS:GO, giving them the opportunity to win big prizing from both invitational leagues. Now what most people will be looking at closely is how exactly will Dynamic be able to cope with both CS:S and CS:GO, as some aspects are different in a lot of ways. To quote Sal "Volcano" Garozzo an inactive Dynamic team member currently helping Valve in the beta "It feels like 1.6, only with source graphics". Not to get into a lot of details, it's not an exact easy transition from one game to another, at least not without the commitment the Dynamic will have to put forth. If anything, it feels as Dynamic will struggle, but not to an extent where they will be out of contention for playoffs.

Starting Line-up!

This season Area51 should have an overall consistent starting 5, so don't expect any changes from this starting 5.


The expected rosters for Dynamic in this weeks match up shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone, as Dynamic rarely strays from a main 5 for the entirety of a season.

Team Dynamic

With all this in mind, anyone that does tune in will be able to look forward to a great and exciting game from both teams, and it should really set the pace for the new season. Ultimately I do not see Area51 dropping this match

Area51 16 - Team Dynamic 13

Let's go over this weeks map de_inferno_se!

Now if your a seasoned CS veteran you'll find that the new CS:GO version of de_inferno doesn't defer a lot from the CS:S version, without a few exceptions.

Noted Changes



  • They officially swapped back the bomb site to 1.6 standards (B bomb site is directed to the left, while A bomb site is directly ahead)



  • They also removed a few open spaces for players to hide, and certain areas now have obstructions.
      • From Terrorist (T) Spawn point headed into "Apartments", the extra room that had vision towards "Middle" no longer exists
      • "Banana" is no longer AWP-able from T Stairs, passage way now contains obstructions that force players to progress ahead until the Banana "Log Stack"
      • "Boiler Room" no longer exists


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