Area 51 Gaming Tribes: Ascend at Pax East

Area 51 Gaming's Tribes: Ascend team is back from their LAN debut in Tribes returning from Pax East. Pax East is one of the largest gaming conventions in the world pulling in over 70,000 gamers from around the world. In addition it serves as a place for developers to showcase their new games and technology, including giving HiRez studios a chance to show of Tribes: Ascend just a few days before official release.

Showing off Tribes: Ascend is exactly why Area 51 Gaming's Tribes: Ascend team attended Pax East. As one of the top teams in North American Tribes they were asked to perform in several show matches to display the competitive and E-Sports potential of the upcoming release. Each day at Pax East was filled with show matches on the Alienware main stage and the HiRez main stage as well as great opportunities for the team to build synergy through real life meetings.

With several members of the team having played on the world championship Monday Night Combat team, this year also proved to be a chance to try out Uber's new release Super Monday Night Combat. Although the team struggled more this year in a game with more MOBA elements, with solid team work and some clutch play, they managed to walk away as tournament winners on the final day of Pax East.

Check out the Photos from this years trip to PAX East 2012.

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