Area 51 Defeats Massive Esports - Still Alive In Pain Street Nation

The map was Operation Firestorm for this 8v8 Conquest match, with Area 51 starting on the US side. The 51 lineup featured NecroNinja and SkillzMcGee as Engineers primarily on foot with xdbs running solo Recon. Tomcat was our sole jet pilot while BlaZN flew the attack chopper with Jagman gunning. m3ss and chicken were 51's dedicated tankers.

From the get go, 51 had their work cut out for them. Massive took early control of the central point, Bravo, and showed some outstanding piloting by their jet and attack chopper along with some incredible accuracy with the TV missle. There were numerous times when their chopper pinned down our tanks at deployment from across the map. At one point, MU had almost a 40 ticket lead but Area 51 would surge from behind with some savvy piloting by tomcat and crucial ninja backcaps by xbs. NecroNinja and SkillzMcGee played a pivotal role retaking and controlling Bravo despite the chaos, and 51 would eventually win the first round by 53 tickets.

After switching to the Russian side, Round 2 started much the same as the first with Massive jumping out to a sizeable lead. Sometime near the halfway point of the round, BlaZN made a strategic call to abandon the attack chopper in favor of having more bodies on the the ground at the control points. Along with xdbs' strategic backcapping and strong fragging performances by NecroNinja and SkillzMcGee, this proved to be the difference maker. Needing only to lose by less than 53 tickets, Area 51 managed to come from behind and win Round 2 by 36 tickets, securing the match win!

m3ss's Man of the Match goes to NecroNinja for a dominant performance in middle, racking up 34 frags and 8902 points! Honorable mention goes to xdbs for his clutch backcaps which helped relieve the pressure on the front lines.

Area 51 faces Nex Impetus in the next round. Click here to view the tournament brackets.

Round 1  Round 2
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