MLG Winter Arena Coverage Hub

Latest Update: Focus will be playing ROOT_CatZ next.
Today marks the start of the MLG's first event of the year, the MLG Winter Arena in Columbus, Ohio. The event itself will feature StarCraft2, Halo:Reach, Mortal Kombat, Soul Calibur V, and King of Fighters XIII as the official tournament games. Over 236 StarCraft 2 players will be battling the next three days for a chance at the $70,000 prize pot. As with the SC2 Winter Arena MLG will have multiple streams up for your viewing pleasure.

Area51 will have four of our StarCraft 2 players at the event trying to fight their way through the open bracket. The Area51 Gaming SC2 players include Focus, Mind, haibar, and MarinekngXPn.

Match Scores
 Focus  Mind  haibara  MarinekinXPn
 0-2 vs Everize  2-0 vs Lookingnew  2-1 vs Offset  2-0 vs BenJay182
2-0 vs o01shadow   2-0 vs ShinseiSC  0-2 EGPuma
 1-2 vs GoldenLighT94
2-0 vs Jwu0169   0-2 vs EG-LzGaMeR  2-0 vs FTaCtLotus  2-0 vs PengWin_SC
 2-0 vs fantacy  2-0 vs manarch  2-0 vs 01Josh  2-0 vs CajunMan
 2-0 vs thekoven  0-2 vs Sic08
 0-2 vs Sic08  2-1 vs flosc2
 2-0 vs stoicRegret      0-2 vs sMi_LogiC
 0-2 vs ROOT_CatZ      
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