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WCG 2009 Grand Finals Finally Posted by Skitch on 11/11/2009
WCG 2009 Grand Finals Coverage

Today marks the start of the WCG 2009 Grand Finals in Chengdu, China where team USA will join over 700 international players from nearly 70 nations, who will compete for more than $280,000 in cash and prizes and the title of world's best gamer. Team USA captured top honors at the 2007 Grand Final and placed third overall in 2008.

Our very own United States representatives (Evil Geniuses and Turmoil Gaming) have been placed in groups F and H. Turmoil Gaming looks to have the harder group (group F) as they will have to compete against some great talent in mousesports and tp.usports. It will be interesting to see if the recent addition of Scott "evolution" Cavallero is going to hurt or help the team. Evil Geniuses on the other hand looks to have a fairly easier group (group H) as the best competition for them looks to be HellRaisiers but who really knows what will happen.

The groups for the Counter-Strike 1.6 event have been broken down below.

Group A
Group B
 Group C  Group D

 Group E
Group F
Group G
Group H
 Evil Geniuses
 tp.usports  TyLoo
 India (1st)
 India (2nd)

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